Pinnacle Legends has actually hit an all-new concurrent user peak on Steam.

The free-to-play fight royale game – which released on Steam in November 2020 after practically 18-months as an EA Origin unique – struck 198,235 synchronised gamers on Steam yesterday, its greatest ever concurrent user peak according to SteamDB (thanks, Dexerto).

The recent rise in brand-new and returning players inspecting out Season 8 indicates Apex Legends is presently the 5th most-played video game on Steam today, making it more popular than GTA 5, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Team Fortress 2.

It’s also in the top 10 of most-watched games on Twitch, too, which implies more people are tuning in to view Apex Legends than FIFA 21, CS: GO, and Valheim.

Main Caustic in Peak Legends? I have bad news – designer Respawn just recently stated the popular Legend will be “getting some attention in the future”.

For some time, Caustic was among those Legends on the roster that players rarely invested much quality time with, but after current tweaks and enthusiasts he now boasts the highest win rate in games that last longer than 20 minutes and has actually started to control matches.

The news came just days after fan-favourite Wraith had the size of her hitbox increased. As described in the Season 8 spot notes, Respawn want to control Wraith’s power without nerfing her capabilities, and one method to do so is by altering her hitbox.