Best answer: If you have a fairly new Android or iOS device, yes. The Pokémon Company hasn’t detailed precisely what kind of device requirements will be required, but it’s reasonable to presume that many brand-new gadgets will be able to deal with the video game just fine.

Pokémon UNITE is an approaching strategic group fight game established by both The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games TiMi Studios. Initially announced in June 2020 during a Pokémon Presents presentation, the video game has actually been given some more updates on simply how the video game will play. Pokémon UNITE will have players taking on against one another in 5-on-5 team fights. Throughout these fights, players will continue to work together with their colleagues to catch wild Pokémon, all while leveling up and evolving their own Pokémon while doing so.

At its core, Pokémon UNITE seems to operate comparable to MOBAs like League of Legends, with players having to concentrate on a larger task while likewise handling their Pokémon and how they level up along the method. With the huge success of other mobile Pokémon video games, it wouldn’t be stunning to see this quickly turned into one of the best Android video games offered, so fans are not surprisingly very ecstatic about the opportunity to play it.

If you have an interest in playing Pokémon JOIN prior to the video game formally introduces, then you’ll need to be an Android user in Canada. As of now, those are the only people qualified to test out the game when the beta goes live at some point in March. You can sign up for the beta by heading over to the Google Play Shop, however it is very important to keep in mind that The Pokémon Business has specified that all development made in the beta will be reset as soon as it’s ended up.