League of Legends’ dark child won’t be available for play in the 2nd week of the LEC.

Annie will be competitively handicapped for the time being, according to LEC commissioner Maximillian Peter Schmidt. Schmidt didn’t reveal the specific concerns with the champ “to avoid exploitation.”

Choices like these are frequently easily dismissed, especially considering that Annie is a rarely-picked champ in competitive play. She was last seen in week 9 of the 2020 LEC Spring Split, but Misfit’s assistance Petr “denyk” Haramach utilized her in a losing effort against G2 Esports.

League’s precious child and her bear Tibbers were recently buffed in Spot 10.10 this year. The new modifications in May enhanced Annie’s damage reduction on her Molten Shield (E) capability and increased the aura damage on her supreme.

Despite Annie’s recent disappearance in competitive play, the current competitive disable is very important in maintaining integrity in the LEC– no matter how unviable a champ may be. Exploited bugs can lead to game-breaking results, which could be abused to gather easy victories.

The LEC advances Friday, June 19 with Vitality set to bet Rogue.