The profoundly popular video game League of Legends now contains 152 special playable characters. The release of the most recent ‘champ’ Seraphine has actually triggered rather a stir in the neighborhood. The current debate comes from an upset ex-girlfriend who thinks the character is based on her.

Even before its main release, Seraphine caused a stir. Particularly, the fictional character has its own social media accounts, something the previous 151 League of Legends characters never had.

On those accounts, Seraphine ‘posted’ (computer-generated) selfies and pictures of her feline, to name a few things, recommending that she is a ‘genuine’ individual.

The very first intense criticism emerged when ‘Seraphine’ recommended that her psychological health would be unstable, and struggled to love herself through Twitter. In numerous tweets, the fictional character revealed that she fought with herself and her self-confidence and could use all the support.

The reactions show that fans actually support her, something that is heartfelt on the one hand and a bit complicated on the other.

Now that the main criticism lastly seemed to be dropping a bit, there was once again unrest on social networks. Twitter user Stephanie Dorris declares that Seraphine is really similar to her. With this, she indicates the appearance and the name, the illustrations, her cat, and even the mindset in specific ‘selfies’ on the Instagram account.

Dorris dated for a couple of months in 2019 with a staff member of Riot Games, the designer of League of Legends, and states he always joked that he wished to include her in the video game.

Riot Games dismisses the accusations in a quick statement. The designer reports, among other things, that the worker Dorris discuss has not been working for them for more than a year, and moreover, did not have a position in which he could affect the creative processes.