Andrew Wiggins’ new wrinkle and increase of ‘Sexland’: Early eye-catching NBA patterns

In some cases it is difficult to make heads or tails out of what we see in the first couple weeks of a new NBA season. Teams we expected to be bad come out of evictions hot with their play. We start wondering if the culture has altered or the players have grown into winners. Quick forward 2 months later on, and we’re inspecting them off as an easy victory for groups breaking them on random nights. Order is brought back to what our preseason expectations were.

Then we’ll have groups struggle when we believed they ‘d be rolling. It could be injuries. It might be just bad luck. However a group will not have its stuff together and have to play its method back into shape, physically and psychologically. Often, we can attempt to do some mental gymnastics to think whatever we desire to believe as a sign of things to come or just a fluke that will not sustain. But it’s constantly intriguing to me what we decide to track and watch on from the early returns.

Here are four …