Mobile gaming was BIG in 2020. That may appear like the most obvious declaration to begin things off with, but you might not know how big it was. According to a report by Statista, the worldwide video gaming profits produced by mobile video gaming for more than PC and console video gaming integrated. Mobile video gaming is said to have actually created 51% of all earnings in the gaming industry. So yeah, that’s how big it was.

And when you think of it, it should not come off as excessive of a surprise. 2020 was the year when humanity was required into a time out. With nothing to do, much of us relied on binge-watching or playing games. Considering that much of us didn’t have consoles or high-end video gaming PCs, numerous turned to mobile video games for home entertainment.

Here’s a take a look at some of the most significant mobile video gaming stories from 2020.

Rumblings of the Indian government prohibiting PUBG Mobile began gathering steam earlier this year following the ban on numerous Chinese apps like TikTok. After that, it ended up being a game of ‘will they, will not they’. Soon enough though, the response ended up being clear. In September, the Indian Government announced that it would be banning PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, breaking the hearts of lots of Indian mobile gamers.

Meanwhile, Krafton Inc, the guys who originally own the PUBG IP did their best to return into the great books of the Indian government. They cut ties with Tencent, and even announced a brand-new version of PUBG Mobile specifically made for India. Nevertheless, even though they teased the launch of the video game around Diwali, it looks like fans of the video game will have to wait a while before they can play the game once again.

As the old adage goes, one guy’s loss is another man’s gain. With PUBG Mobile banned, Call of Task: Mobile and Garena Free Fire were more than happy to charm PUBG Mobile’s dejected gamer base. The best method to do that obviously was by hosting tournaments which might assist turn esports players towards them and by extension, their legions of fans as well. Besides the Call of Task: Mobile World Championship, Nodwin Gaming also announced the Call of Duty Mobile India Difficulty 2020.

Qualcomm and MediaTek also revealed that they were foraying into the world of mobile esports with tournaments of their own Qualcomm revealed Snapdragon Conquest 2020, while MediaTek partnered with Jio to announce their own tournament called Gaming Masters.

Keeping with the style of one male’s loss being another male’s gain we have FAUG: Brave And United Guards. Reported a really short while after PUBG Mobile was prohibited, the video game was touted by lots of as an Indian answer to PUBG Mobile. The video game would be developed by nCORE Games and would be backed by Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar.

However, preliminary details about the video game were a bit vague with it being referred to as an “action game” throughout its statement. At Dussehra, we lastly got a take a look at a teaser trailer which recommended that the video game would be based around the Galwan Valley clash (at least initially), which concentrated on melee battle. Regrettably, the game is not available to be played, although Android users can register for the video game.

Popular streamer, DrDisrespect, measured up to his name and stirred up a debate by declaring that mobile gamers aren’t genuine players. This decreased about in addition to one would expert within the mobile video gaming neighborhood. Popular Call of Duty: Mobile player, iFerg even challenged DrDisrespect to a match with $100,000 on the line. However, DrDisrespect didn’t talk about it.

The comments did raise a concern within the gamer community regarding which platform is the finest to play video games on. On an individual note, I believe that the issue is pretty dumb and is propagated by those who are a bit insecure about their platform of option for some factor and need recognition. Having actually extensively played on PC, console, portable, mobile and even arcade makers, I would state that there are excellent and bad video games on each platform. The point of being a player is to play games. Do not be a hater, be a gamer.

As discussed earlier, mobile video games created the most income in the video gaming market and a report by Sensor Tower offered a look into how much that was. Interestingly, PUBG Mobile was the top-grossing game of 2020, even though it was banned in India. The video game made a massive $2.6 billion this year. Another interesting titbit was that Pokemon Go earned over a billion dollars this year.

With a lot money can be found in through mobile games, it is simple to comprehend why AAA designers are looking at introducing video games on smart devices. We already have Call of Responsibility and Senior citizen Scrolls on mobile with Diablo, Apex Legends, League of Legends and more ready to launch on mobile. Whether PC and console players like it or not, there is a chance that it will be mobile gamers who will determine the instructions of games moving forward. Is that an advantage? We will simply need to wait and see.