Among United States is a multiplayer celebration video game that is seeing severe success today, securing a daily concurrent peak of 388,000 gamers on PC in the last month. That’s more than Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and Amongst United States is just surpassed by the stalwart Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the unshakeable DOTA 2. Cor.

To the uninitiated, Among United States is a little like the real-life party video game, Werewolf, or the TELEVISION program, Trapped!. That show was a banger. Anyway. Set on a spaceship, gamers will complete tasks in various spaces to prep the vessel for departure. However, one or more gamers are Impostors, and their objective is to mess up the mission without being discovered. They’ll need to mix in by pretending to do tasks, and kill their targets while framing an innocent bystander for their criminal activity.