Maidstone United co-owner Terry Casey has actually accused the National League of misusing National Lotto funding.

Casey says he is “entirely baffled” by the league’s allowance of a ₤ 10m grant to assist clubs through the Covid-19 pandemic, branding it “scandalous”, “foolish” and “possibly corrupt”.

The lotto money was developed to compensate clubs for lost earnings as an outcome of playing behind closed doors.

But typical participations for last season have actually been neglected, which means while some advantage substantially, Maidstone are among the biggest losers.

Top-flight clubs are to share ₤ 6m over the next three months.

That’s ₤ 95,000 a month for ex-Football League sides Notts County, Stockport, Wrexham, Chesterfield, Hartlepool, Yeovil and Torquay and ₤ 84,000 for the remaining 16.

Maidstone are among five clubs in North and South to get ₤ 36,000 a month – Dulwich, York, Hereford and Chester the others – while the rest are awarded ₤ 30,000.

Casey is staggered at the league’s circulation of funds which leaves the Stones 50 per cent down on awaited earnings, based on last season’s typical crowd of practically 2,000.

On the other hand, top-flight club Boreham Wood get ₤ 84,000 a month in spite of averaging simply over 700 last season.

Casey, whose fellow owner Oliver Ash has actually called for an inquiry, has actually struck out at the National League over “among the most remarkable cases of the abuse of grant funding that I have ever experienced”.

Composing on the Stones website, Casey states: “The circulation of the ₤ 10million grant from the National Lottery Game to the Vanarama National League has actually left me utterly puzzled and bitterly dissatisfied.

” The Government was particular in that the cash they brokered for our football clubs, by means of the National Lottery, was developed to ‘replace lost gate revenue’.

Clubs accepted start the season, taking on trust the guarantee to cover these lost revenues. This has not taken place.

” Our typical gate over the last 2 seasons has been 2,000 per match and our club will receive 36k per month from the National League.

” This is some 50% below our approximated regular monthly shortage! It is likewise almost ₤ 50k monthly less than Dover who bring in simply over 1,000 per match.

” On the face of this it looks foolish however when it ends up being clear that those resting on the Board making the choices are heavily biased towards their own financial health and wellbeing, then it’s not simply a silly decision but perhaps corrupt.

” For the Board of the National League to arbitrarily choose the very first thing that they will do is take 60% for their own clubs and offer the South and North just 20% each looks foolish, particularly as they have no required to keep the money on their own as they need to be representing the interests of all of their member clubs.

” We make sure that the league sponsors such as Vanarama, BT Sport and the National Lotto will be carefully reevaluating their sponsorships on the back of this outrageous decision!

” This is a clear case of the Board not serving the subscription and a clear abuse of the manner in which the cash was supposed to be spent.”

” This is among the most extraordinary cases of the abuse of grant funding that I have ever experienced.

” The FA and National League had a clear required to invest the cash on lost gate earnings.

” What they have done is disregard this and rather enabled National League Board Members to favour some clubs with outrageous amounts of money that far exceed their gate invoices.”