BEYOND IMPRESSIVE is the next big online Dota 2 occasion that will include the leading teams from both Europe and China completing in different brackets for their share of $250,000.

The Europe/CIS area is hosting 12 teams from June 15 to 28, while China will only have eight squads battling it out from June 21 to 28.

Due to the distinction in the variety of rivals, EU/CIS will also have two teams make it in through a closed qualifier, while China is only going to be getting one extra team beyond the normal direct welcomes. All of the top groups are currently locked in, however the staying 3 areas are still being decided.

For EU/CIS, the top two groups from the closed qualifiers will be figured out on June 11. China’s qualifier dates are still unofficial given that they’ll begin in the closed group stage with no preliminary event because there’s only a single area offered.

Heading into the final days prior to the first wave of matches start, here are all of the teams certified for each region of BEYOND EPIC.