While the 32-year-old Bailey is an abysmal 3 for 10 on kicks this month, including 0 for 4 in recently’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has a much better performance history than Taylor Bertolet and Chandler Catanzaro, both of whom the Vikings worked out today.

Thus, it seems Bailey’s position to lose, rather literally, this weekend. Inquired about how Bailey has handled that pressure over the past couple of days, special-teams planner Marwan Maalouf minimized the circumstance, saying, “Simply been a typical week.”

” He’s been great,” Maalouf stated. “He’s a really even-keeled man. He’s got a short memory. We gain from our mistakes and proceed. That’s how he’s constantly been (through) the highs or lows. It doesn’t matter with him.”

As much as Maalouf attempted to stay away from the narrative, the reality stays that when Bailey lines up for a kick on Sunday, Vikings fans will be holding their collective breath. If he divides the uprights, things go back to typical for a little bit. If he misses out on, well, things go from bad to even worse.

” I don’t think he feels that way,” Maalouf stated. “That’s the beauty of Dan. He just goes out and goes back to fundamentals. That’s sort of what we have actually done this week. Simply go back to our regimen. He’s done a great task in practice.”

In addition to getting more associates in practice this week, Bailey has actually been very crucial of himself in movie sessions, Maalouf said.

” We actually have the luxury of dissecting everything when we sit and see the movie together,” Maalouf said. “He’s extremely crucial of every single step– his jab action, his technique, the pace of his method. Those are all things that we look at, despite how he’s kicking or not.

” We have actually probably been a bit more vital of those things (today). We are definitely a lot more comprehensive. I think we were detailed before, however it’s always essential to type of take it frame-by-frame and see what the most significant differences are. There’s been a couple things that have actually come up, so that’s what we have actually been dealing with. Ideally he’ll be all set.”

Maybe the most intriguing thing in all of this is that Maalouf has never ever really been a kicker himself. That’s why the Vikings formerly used previous NFL kicker Nate Kaeding as a kicking specialist. In theory, Kaeding would have the ability to impart more wisdom than a lot of based on his experience.

That is no longer occurring. Asked if Kaeding was still serving as a kicking specialist, Maalouf confirmed he is not, saying, “simply with COVID and whatever like that, and the variety of people we’re able to have in the structure, we have not had the ability to get him physically here.”

In turn, helping Bailey resolve his struggles fall squarely on Maalouf and the other professionals like punter Britton Colquitt and brand-new long snapper Andrew DePaola.

” I wish to believe I’m quite calm on video game day,” Maalouf stated. “That’s what I desire them to feel. I do not want them to feel a roller coaster of feelings or anything like that. We go to the next play. That’s what it is. I understand it sounds like a cliché, and it sounds dull. That’s simply what it is. We try to put it behind us and then we go to the next one. You certainly desire to make the corrections even on video game day, which’s what we’ve been attempting to do.”