The smell of deep fried food fills the air, beers are quickly downed and loud rap music cuts through the chatter as individuals collect around dozens of screens in a large crowded downtown Toronto sports bar on a Sunday night. The in-progress Toronto Raptors game is being used a forecast screen, however that’s not why lots of sports lovers are here. Instead, it’s an eSports tournament being put on by Maple Leaf Sports & Home Entertainment Ltd. (MLSE) and Cineplex Inc.’s WorldGaming division that has their attention.

Competitive computer game occasions and tournaments, or eSports, has actually created a market that’s rapidly growing with an appealing more youthful demographic numerous business desire to reach. Worldwide eSports earnings hit nearly US$ 493 million in 2016 and will grow to US$ 1.48 billion by 2020, according to researcher Statista, and brands want a piece of the action. Your parents may have stated playing computer game was a waste of time– you may even be telling your kids that now– but there are countless dollars to be won. For example, the International 2017: Dota 2 Championships competition had a reward swimming pool of US$ 24.7 million and the winning group took home practically US$ 10.9 million. (Dota 2 is a multiplayer online fight arena video game developed by Valve Corp.).