The 3rd week of the month of December 2020 has actually been that of the charity broadcasts and after the Ibainéfico it was the turn of a required appointment every year: L3tCraft. It is an uniformity streaming that for 24 hr looks for to raise money for Juegaterapida.

In its 2020 edition they have managed to raise a spectacular figure of 140,397 euros, an outstanding quantity that likewise had an additional result: Alexelcapo assured that if they reached more than 100,000 he would shave and, indeed, he did. And it was likewise live.

There were no shortage of memes on socials media and they even promoted the hashtag #Alexelcalvo, making a play on words with his nickname. On his personal Twitter account, Alexelcapo shared a shaved image and it was clear:” Well worth 100 mill for Juegaterapia “.

The L3tcraft donations campaign is noted on Streamlabs and for that reason reveals the most essential donations. It stands apart, for instance, that the company of the occasion itself made an impressive donation of 20,000 euros, although as in these cases the bulk are small donations and a number of recognized figures of EUR 1000 appear.

Throughout the weekend, L3tcraft had area for a plethora of video games, including League of Legends, Minecraft, Amongst United States or Fall Men, to name a few. It was a 24-hour streaming that was divided into 2 of 12 hours, starting at 12:00 and lasting until midnight to attempt to raise the maximum amount possible.

They had also set a series of collection targets, of which the last was Alexelcapo’s shaved head. Before that there were others that included the other 2 great promoters of the stream, Tonacho and Chinche. The very first would turn red at 30,000 and the 2nd blue at 60,000.

Between all this, The crucial thing was to raise money for Juegaterapia, a foundation that seeks to help hospitalized kids with the donation of computer game and other techniques of entertainment to make the experience more manageable.