BATON ROUGE – Alcohol will be offered inside of Tiger Stadium this weekend, the first time the location will do so throughout a season impacted by coronavirus limitations.

“One caution to that is we’re asking fans to take in all alcohol in their seats so we can prevent any gathering in the corridors,” said Robert Munson, assistant athletic director.

The capacity will still be limited to 25 percent, as it was last month when the Tiger’s handled Mississippi State in Death Valley. Munson does not see the stadium increasing capability anytime quickly.

“In order to maintain that range, with pods of fans in different locations, it limits us to the number of people we can enter into Tiger Stadium,” Munson said.

One problem authorities at Tiger Stadium discovered throughout the very first house game was fans removing their required face coverings once they entered the facility. Munson said attendants will be out advising folks to keep their masks on throughout the entire game.

“We are going to be doing a better task at advising our fans to wear their masks. We’re not out there policing things. We’re not law enforcement, however we do want to advise individuals to stay safe,” Munson said.

Kickoff is at 6 p.m., and fans are urged to come early. Tailgating is still banned on school.