Afreeca Freecs picked up a tidy 3-0 series win against KT Rolster today in the preliminary of LCK’s local qualifiers.

AFS were preferred coming into the series with many experts anticipating a tidy sweep by them– and they delivered. AFS’ jungler Spirit played well in this series, popping off on Lillia and Volibear. He was everywhere his team required him to be on the map, protecting important objectives and pulling off fantastic ganks throughout the entire match.

This League of Legends series began with a statement from AFS, who kept farming KT while quiting goals left and right. Although they lagged on Heralds, Drakes, and towers early on, the gold acquired from kills enabled them to snowball to get their core items and transition into the mid game.

KT’s structure failed to deliver what was anticipated of them. AFS had the ideal counter draft to stop KT’s possibilities of winning the video game. Following a 32-minute teamfight, AFS protected the first win of the series.

In the second game, AFS played even much better, securing early gold leads and objectives on top of that, something that they failed to do in the very first video game. They were so dominant that by 22 minutes, they had nine eliminates to KT’s absolutely no. KT handled to sneak away a Baron, however it didn’t help them in the end. The enthusiast barely did anything and simply extended the video game. After the 2nd Baron generated, AFS chose it up and went on to complete the video game.

The 3rd game looked good for KT with all gamers playing securely, but a stopped working gank in the leading lane sealed their fate. Spirit and Kiin’s carry on Lillia and Camille permitted them to easily win the two-vs-two and snowball from there. The team was as soon as again dominant all over the map, protecting an easy win and completing the series on a high note.

AFS will face off against T1 tomorrow. Last time they fulfilled in the playoffs, AFS removed T1 in a convincing 2-1 series, advancing to the next round of the postseason prior to getting knocked out by Gen.G quickly after.

T1 have looked shaky recently, fielding rookie mid laner Clozer in current matches. Tune in tomorrow at 3am CT to see if T1 can get their revenge or if AFS will take down T1 when again to get a shot at getting approved for this year’s World Champion.