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Sports has always been an enjoyable pastime for many of us since decades ago, be it whether we are the one that is playing the sports or just to watch it from the stadium, televisions or even on our mobile screens.People have enjoyed it so much that several have taken the opportunity to turn it into a profitable business, allowing people to have that added sense of enjoyment in addition to watching their favourite sports. Furthermore, with the advance in technology, it has transitioned to the digital age to what we know as online sports betting as of today.

Over the years, with football becoming one of the most famous sports enjoyed by fans worldwide, it comes as no surprise that the gambling industry has hitched itself to it. Thus, the birth of football betting that took the world by storm. However, numerous people who gamble online don’t really ponder much about how the gambling industry is regulated as they simply assumed that it has already been done so and it doesn’t matter to them. That is why usually it is important that the sites are actually regulated regularly to ensure users are enjoying within the arms of law.


Legal means and regulations of online gambling

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Speaking of law, as the online gambling industry is still relatively young, most lawmakers were actually not prepared for it. As a result, it took quite a while before countries started stepping in to pass legislation to ensure online gambling is within legal means. As a entirety, it is still a long way to go before online sports betting  can be deemed as a well regulated industry on a global scale.However, if people are able to come up with legal online gambling website with proper legistrations, we can actually look forward to such a day when it finally happens.

As such, V Score is one of those to step up in the scene to try to promote safe and legal football betting. V Score liaises with some of the biggest football betting sites in the world such as 138bet , K8 casino , dafabet , happyluke and plenty more. V Score does some in depth filtering of their own to ensure that the various sites are of reputable online gambling sites that are regulated within legal means.


Trustable Sites

Here at V Score, we have some affiliations that are legal online gambling websites to ensure that your online entertainment can proceed within legal means. Here is just a sneak peek of some of the reputable online gambling sites.


#1 VWin

VWin is an online betting platform operated by VW Group Asia Ltd. All its betting activities are licensed and monitored by Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation. By obtaining the license, just like other betting platforms, the company wants to prove that everyone who trusts the company will get the best betting experience they can find.As long as they deem fit to proceed on, they will find just about anything that this site has to offer. As of now, Vwin still strives, aiming to be the number 1 site for online sports betting in the industry, spreading its influence across multiple countries.


#2 Dafabet

Dafabet is a reputable online gambling site founded back in 2004 in Makati, in the Philippines. It was originally founded under the subsidiary of AsianBGE, a privately owned company, and was licensed by Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. Originally it was purely a site for the Asian market, but then started sponsoring UK football teams, such as Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Sunderland, Burnley, Everton and Celtic. It then invested in a remote UK license under AsianBGE (Isle of Man) Limited and was thus regulated and licensed by The UKGC- which is both managed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

But what makes the site stand out is not because of its simple and efficient user experience, but instead it is the vast variety of betting assortments that the user can access. For example, the site provides online sports betting on all the conferences for Basketball and worldwide leagues for Football 

To find out more, here is a link to Dafabet page 


#3 HappyLuke

Unlike Dafabet, Happyluke is still considered a relatively new online casino, being only set up in 2015 and mainly catering to the Australian and Asian gaming markets. Its licence is issued by the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport. Never heard of it? You wouldn’t be the only one. It’s based in the Philippines, which may not hugely inspire confidence but it’s also part of Income 88 Affiliates, a pretty big and well-established Asian group.

In addition, Happyluke is reputable in the sense that they offer SSL encryption and all their games are regularly audited by an independent test agency, so you can deposit and bet with confidence. It’s worth noting incidentally that there is more than one Happy Luke. In fact there are four, all united under the same roof. The main site is complemented by versions designed for players hailing from Thailand, Vietnam and China. With that, it has gathered plenty of good reviews throughout as to being one of the biggest football betting sites in the world despite it offering a casino service as well.

To find out more, here is a link to the Happyluke page.


#4 K8

Another blossoming site to the scene, similar to HappyLuke is the K8. However, it’s credibility is not to be doubted as actually K8 was launched in 2017 by its parent company, Kay Entertainment. For those who are unaware what this company stands for and is about, they’re an experienced online casino company that has offices in as many as 50 countries, including the UK, Belgium, the United States and Australia to name but a few.

The K8 casino is licensed in the Philippines by the First Cagayan, which claims to be the first online casino gaming jurisdiction in Asia. As a result of this, it is difficult to tell whether they’re a strict regulator or not, which does raise some question marks about whether they are tough on their online casinos or not. Unlike popular online casino jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao – we can’t guarantee either way whether the site is safe or not. One thing we can confirm is that online gaming is becoming more and more popular in Asia, with Manilla in particular being a place where online casino companies are choosing to open new headquarters.


Check out other legal betting sites

As different people have their various preferences, feel free to check out other online betting sites here at V Score to get a feel and see which sites appeal to you the most. For the latest updates on football, basketball and esports news, check out our news section.