With the current patch 11.3 update, League of Legends has received a significant quantity of modifications to champs, items, and certain elements of its gameplay.

Riot forgot to highlight one lifestyle change that was presented in their official patch notes. It was the extra AFK penalty to counter trollers in the game.

With the League of Legends spot 10.24 update, Riot had actually currently presented better ways to counter AFKing in the video game. Nevertheless, those measures did not seem to be enough for the devs. With 11.3, they have presented additional countermeasures to help improve the MOBA’s competitive experience.

In a recent tweet, League of Legends style director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter opened up about the charge fine-tune that was included 11.3, and said,

” In 11.3 we included extra LP penalties for AFKing or leaving video games. Consistently AFKing will ramp this charge up over time. With a little more skin in the game, hopefully, a prospective leaver will hesitate about messing up a video game for their group. Leavers never ever flourish!”

For any competitive online multiplayer, having a griefer in the team results in a really frustrating gameplay experience. It frequently causes numerous players uninstalling the video game since of how harmful the environment can get.

In their November 2020 Behavioral Systems blog, Riot had actually laid out how they will be looking to compensate League of Legends players who had a troller in their match.

A brand-new surrender feature was presented, which enabled groups to surrender after 10 minutes if a player on the squad had been AFK for a significant quantity of time.

Moreover, those who were impacted by the AFKer, now get LP consolation. This eventually helps them have a better time in climbing up the League of Legends ranked ladder.

With the extra charges included League of Legends spot 11.3, griefing in the video game might just go down significantly.