About V Score

With technology advancing through the ages, when previously news and letters are known and information is acquired through word of mouth or media like television and newspaper. In today’s world, everything is going online and that includes sports pages like VScore.

V Score is a one-stop destination for all Football, Basketball and even Esports related news. Over at the website, it provides extensive information for readers, ranging from past stats of played matches, current team standings to future matches that readers can look forward to.

At the V Score site, it mainly covers 3 types of sports; Football , Basketball and even the up and rising topic trend of Esports.

V Score – Basketball (NBA)


Picture of NBA Legend, Lebron James. Photo: slate.com

Starting from the bottom in the National Basketball Association panel, VScore covers a wide range of information for you; from detailed profiling of your favourite basketball teams from both the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference It also provides viewers with the latest news regarding the basketball scene.

With the click of a button, viewers will be able to glance at the results and standings of all the basketball teams as a whole, including information about the league that they are playing in as well as games they are going to play in the near future. With that, fans will be able to plan their time well and accordingly and catch their favourite team in action.

V Score – Football


Logos of the English Premier League, Football Association (FA) and EFL (English Football League). Photo: theverge.com

Similar to the basketball section, V Score covers an extensive range and amount of information for the Football sections as well. More importantly, not only does it allow its viewers to be up to date with the current news and affairs of the football scene, it gives viewers a better oversight of international leagues like the English Premier League (EPL) and La Liga, the top Spanish soccer league in the world .

From there, readers are able to look more indepth to know about the leagues that they are interested in. With that includes the current situation of the league, teams that will be participating in the league, present day league table and standings of the various teams. They will then be able to read up on more information to have a more affirmed choice for the team that they will be rooting for during the league. As such, similar to the VScore basketball section, the site provides information on future league fixtures so as to allow audiences to plan their timing right to make it in time to catch all the sports action goodies

V Score – Esports


Banner Picture for Dota 2 & League Of Legends. Photo: Esportsportal.com

With regards to the newest addition to the scene, ESports have been on the rise throughout the decade. With an international prize pool that amounts to over a million, it is no wonder that it catches the eyes of the public in recent years. Back in the days when playing video games was just a hobby to pass time, who knew that it is possible to make a career out of gaming in today’s world. Although it is more recognisable in non-asian countries where people are more willing to support and back up the rise of Esports, it is not really the case for Asian countries where there remains a stigma when it comes to playing video games for one’s career. While many companies are trying to shine the spotlight on the Esports arena, it might take awhile before we are all in favor of recognising Esports as a career path that is no different than any other.

In the Esports department, V Score got you covered with trending games such as Dota 2, League of Legend and CounterStrike:Global Offensive (CSGO). And with that comes, the individual gaming news be it players changes, major game updates or any other news. VScore also allows viewers to take interests in the team that they are rooting for in the upcoming league. VScore has also taken the liberty to provide similar information from the football and basketball department; the current standings and future matches that cannot be missed!

To check out the latest news of your favourite sport and team, be sure to visit our platform for all latest news.