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Another week that passes, another event to review what were the huge hits on Steam. This time it is not about any of the titles that we get used to seeing at the top, but a new proposition for survival and Vikings.

What happens is that, at the top of the most offered of Steam on the planet is Valheim. As we mentioned previously, this is a survival job in which you will take the role of a vikinngo. Bear in mind that this task is only in Early Access.

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The remainder of the list is striking is Tale of Immortal, a Chinese game based upon the folklore of this Asian nation. It is likewise interesting that Rust, the popular survival title, dropped to 5th place after having fun in the leading positions.

You can examine the very best sellers list below:

Valheim Nioh 2: The Total Edition Tale of Never-ceasing Dysonn Sphere Program Rust Total War: WARHAMMER III Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Operation Broken Fang Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Sekiro: Shadow Die Two Times XCOM 2 Collection

And to you, what did you believe? Will you give any of the games that now control the popularity chart a possibility? Inform us in the comments.

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