In Assam, India, 2 business owners and youth friends have actually produced natural teabags made from leaves to change standard alternatives made from plastic.

Upamanyu Borkakoty and Anshuman Bharali founded Wooláh to help commercialize their innovation, which they dubbed Truedips.

The bags are comprised of two compressed leaves shaped cylindrically and bound with cotton.

“While Truedip’s appearance is the very same as a conventional teabag, the quality, fragrance and taste set it apart. The unbroken tea leaves used as packaging material reduce the bitterness of the tea, and provide a fresh and tasty cup,” Borkakoty informs The Better India.

In just 4 years of operation, Truedips is currently a favorite amongst organic tea farmers in Assam, Meghalaya, and Darjeeling.

“We have actually gotten unexpected feedback from consumers, where they have actually brewed up to 4 cups per Truedip, with a little longer steeping time of around six to 7 minutes for the third and fourth cup. This gives us tremendous self-confidence in the product, which was established mainly to preserve leaves the way they were plucked, without any breakage, to deliver a pure and wholesome cup with a fragile surface,” Baharali adds.

Mentioning McGill University data, The Better India notes a single tea bag launches over 10 billion microplastic particles, potentially affecting human and environmental health.