Ballot for the nominees for the Steam Awards started at the usual pace, ie at the exact same time as completion of the year, the outcome of which was “proudly provided” by Valve not so long ago. Since the labeling system is extremely … uncommon (practically just the products we own can be labeled as such) and the categories themselves are special, we usually get very weird outcomes – and that’s what occurred now. The very best game of 2020, according to Steam users who exceeded in a row, was Red Dead Redemption 2 – specifically because it debuted in November 2019 and for some factor didn’t fit into in 2015’s lineup. So a peculiar grimace of fate is that users of the largest digital PC store and social platform software, so to speak, found last year̵

Rockstar’s Wild West insanity could only double, considering that Red Dead Redemption 2 was recognized next to GOTY in the “Outstandingingly Rich Video game” classification. After the vote on the Valve platform, it most likely won’t surprise anybody that the studio also won two awards: one for “Made with Love” – this ended up being Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – and the other for the VR title. This was offered to Half-Life: Alyx, and we’re not saying the latter didn’t deserve it. Although the “winners” are almost just acknowledged, there have actually been losers, even if we can discuss them: Death Stranding, for instance, slipped out of acknowledgment as Game of the Year, although numerous would have evaluated it (however could have been comforted in the most ingenious classification ). and for publishers EA can be referred to as definitely disregarded: Star Wars Squadrons, Battleground V and the NFS Heat could not exchange their nominations for awards either.