While some players might be eager to see a main remake of CS: GO map Mirage struck the FPS video game one day, one fan has decided to remake among its crucial areas themselves. CS: GO fan Dooodaaad has reimagined the ‘B short’ portion the multiplayer game’s Mirage map, and it looks pretty incredible.

” While we await Valve to remake Mirage, I figured I ‘d provide it a try,” the developer says. “Here’s what I made with catwalk!” As you can see in some before-and-after contrast shots they’ve published on Imgur here, the distinction is quite amazing. The previously minimalist street scene has actually been partly redesigned, with the structure corner in the area’s centre developed into a rustic brick shelter with ornamental awning, hanging plant, and café table with chairs. There’s also a scooter stashed in the shadows.

As for the building ahead, its formerly bare façade has actually been provided a bit of an overhaul, with decorative new windows that look like those seen in Dust 2 and a gate entrance. While it looks very different from live Mirage, the creator says they “remade the standard geometry from the initial level exactly,” however “just embellished it in a different way”.

Sadly, it appears like we won’t see a total fan-made overhaul of Mirage as Dooodaaad says they most likely won’t remake the whole map, though they might “re-do B” in addition to this “catwalk” portion. Plus, they include it’s “definitely not competitively feasible” and that they just concentrated on the visual modifications for their production.

While we await Valve to remake Mirage, I figured I ‘d provide it a shot. Here’s what I finished with catwalk! from GlobalOffensive

The map modification isn’t released to the video game’s Steam workshop, however for now you can drool over the remake above, and hopefully we’ll see the creator’s reimagining of Mirage’s B section in the not-too-distant future. Take a look at our CS: GO smokes and CS: GO tips guides at those links if you’re keen for some more pointers ahead of your next round.