There are well over a hundred League of Legends champs. A few of them are really badly matched to beginners because of how complicated they are. You’re better off sticking with easier champs that let you focus instead on learning the general strategy and feel of the game.

These 9 characters are ideal for newbies. Each is straightforward to play however also truly effective. They’re a terrific method to get accustomed to the game and the numerous functions you can inhabit in it. You might find yourself still using these characters even if you’ve been playing for months or years.

Jungle is a tricky role to learn but Master Yi has the supreme training wheels. He can clear camps quickly and quickly thanks to Alpha Strike and his healing capability Meditate. None of his capabilities need intending either so combating other players is a snap. He’s decent enough at ganking lanes, too, provided your team’s laner has some crowd control at this disposal.