As Rock Paper Shotgun just recently pointed out, while Steam’s openly voted Labor of Love award for 2020 went to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, five years after its launch Planetary Annihilation: Titans is still silently being upgraded for the sake of a little however devoted neighborhood.

The original Planetary Annihilation was a Kickstarted RTS that guaranteed “Overall Annihilation-inspired gameplay on a planetary scale.” When launched in 2014 it was a bit underwhelming, with dinky Little Prince planets that felt too small to give a sense of magnificence, and attacks that could come from any direction while you tried to keep track of multiple worlds making it all at once feel too huge. At the time I played four or five hours and thought maybe it was simply a bad idea, then played Supreme Leader instead.

But developers Uber Entertainment persevered and released Planetary Annihilation: Titans in 2015, a standalone growth that included the whole of the initial video game, with a raft of improvements. Though the initial group moved on in 2018, some of the designers formed a mini-studio of their own called Planetary Annihilation Inc. to take over spots and balance updates, and have actually been running routine tournaments for its community since. There’s a championship series with monthly tournaments running right now.

It may not have actually set the world on fire at release, and it still might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that kind of devotion makes Planetary Annihilation: Titans appear like a genuine labor of love. Still, at least the award wasn’t won by The Witcher 3, which was also nominated by its fans– a video game whose only update in the last 12 months was the statement of ray-tracing and faster filling times to come with a “next-gen edition” at some point in the future.