League of Legends Spot 11.5 is live on the PBE server offering gamers a possibility to check out some of Riot’s prepare for the video game. In addition to some new skins, there are a few champ and item tweaks that fans might delight in.

Here are 5 things we do not want in League of Legends Spot 11.5.

The present state of the video game is controlled by high damage output champions. They kill rapidly and recover huge, this is why top lane bruisers were king in 11.3. However after the health nerfs and AP enthusiasts everybody does big damage and the ones who do one of the most are the ones that control the picks. The last thing we need in 11.5 is more damage.

We don’t need recovery to compensate for the high damage output, we require less damage to balance the video game out. Gamers heal at an absurd rate on struck so the champs that can output the most harm will last longer even without excellent sustain due to the fact that they can bully enemies with their power.

The addition of mythic items has been a true blessing and a curse for players. For those who discover that their primary champs synergize well with the damaged mythic items they’re having a blast. However for those on the other side of the coin solo line is a headache, gamers are either forced to endure or comply with the limited viable champion swimming pool.

The last spot has practically completely phased out the jungle role. After taking such a big action back it’s important for both pro play and solo queue that Riot doesn’t do anything to hold up the function even further.

Champions with motion increases and space closing abilities are at the top of the food chain currently. However when these abilities remove the routine problems of a champ it goes from being a helpful tool to a broken mechanic. For example, Jhin’s movement is supposed to be his Achilles heel as a champion however when you integrate his package with the Galeforce active capability it surrounds on being unfair for enemy groups.