League of Legends Patch 10.19 releases Sept. 16. While we know which champs will be getting nerfed or buffed, we can only speculate the scale of these changes.

With the League of Legends World Championship spot preview launched, here are 5 things we desire in the League of Legends Patch 10.19.

Senna has become a popular AD Bring pick and for excellent reason. She is a great team fighter due to her capabilities either protecting, interrupting chases after or increasing motion speed. Hopefully, in the new nerf, we see a decrease in shield granted from her ultimate or a weakened early video game.

Paired with Stage Rush, Nunu & Willip are an unstoppable duo that plays off movement speed and sustain. However, Nunu & Willup do have the ability build AP rather than tank and when caught in their supreme, the damage is crippling. If Riot Games changes their damage output to encourage gamers to utilize tank builds, that might level the jungle.

Sylas has actually fallen out of the jungle and even has actually seen low pick rates in the mid lane. He is still a reputable dueler who becomes almost difficult to eliminate late video game. Nevertheless, Sylas has a slow clear speed which restricts his already low gank potential early video game. There is a possibility we see a boost in base damage for his Q capability, Chain Lash which would increase clear time.

Riot appears to be making little changes to junglers particularly after League of Legends Patch 10.18 saw Jarvan IV and Xin Zhao get buffs. Ivern has ended up being a specific niche pick in the jungle who is a fantastic energy jungler. We could see an increased root duration for his Q ability, Rootcaller, which would make it an even better engage option.

Udyr’s Phoenix form will be rubbed in the League of Legends patch 10.19 and it will most likely be a damage change or maybe a movement speed change. Udyr, comparable to Sylas has fallen out of the jungle and has a low pick rate. Modifications to his ultimate capability might make him a more important champ late game, where he usually falls off due to his lack of energy.