The 2020 NBA Finals saw LeBron James and the LA Lakers tear through the competition, winning the franchise’s 17th NBA title.

The Bubble also marked the emergence of underdogs making their presence felt in the playoffs. Miami Heat were the most significant surprise, as they went all the method to the Finals as a 5th seed. The Heat battled fearlessly in the last series versus the Lakers but got prevented by multiple gamer injuries.

The Denver Nuggets managed a significant distressed by defeating a top contender in the West – the LA Clippers. Even the Portland Trail Blazers were on fire in the bubble and clinched the 8th seed by going on an outstanding winning streak.

The 2020 postseason showed how important a single gamer can be to a group’s success. Damian Lillard, Jamal Murray and Goran Dragic went down with injuries that altered the trajectory of their groups’ playoff runs.

The NBA is bristling with talented teams that are just one piece away from taking a leap and reaching the Conference Finals this year; a few of them might reach the top and get an opportunity to play in the NBA Finals too.

In this article, we will take an appearance at 5 such teams that are one piece far from taking the next step and realize their complete capacity as a title contender.

The Boston Celtics have the finest opportunity of becoming an NBA title contender in the coming season. However, that might not happen with their present lineup.

The Boston Celtics have been among the top groups in the NBA regular season for the past couple of seasons however have not managed to go deep in the playoffs. Something is holding them back.

It could be that the team is young and does not have experience or that the Boston Celtics are missing a piece.

Trading for a solid All-Star-caliber front -ine player might do the technique for the Boston Celtics.

They have numerous weapons in offense however lack the psychological strength needed for the postseason. While Tristan Thompson should help because regard, he might not have the ability to do it alone.

There have actually also been rumors around the Boston Celtics having an interest in acquiring Victor Oladipo. A move like that could boost their NBA title-winning hopes even more.

Like the Boston Celtics, the Philadelphia 76ers haven’t managed to understand their full capacity in the playoffs. The 76ers are bursting with raw talent and are led by probably the very best center in the video game today in Joel Embiid.

However, the 76ers have actually not made it to the Conference finals given that AI (Allen Iverson) used the franchise’s jersey.

The NBA franchise requires to shake things up with a move that might assist them play well when it counts the most– throughout the playoffs.

The 76ers are so close to making it occur but need to include another piece that could assist get there.

Ben Simmons is relieved he didn’t get traded in the James Harden deal, however now he needs to appear big time in the NBA playoffs. Reports surrounding Bradley Beal and the 76ers have actually been doing the rounds lately though.