The 5 best Ghost skins in Valorant from 2020 are important to know for players seeking to style on their opponents while winning video games. The ghost is one of the very best secondary weapons in the video game. Factoring in cost, it’s most likely the very best, only vanquish by the Sheriff in raw damage. And while the Constable is certainly flashier, there is something understated and sophisticated about the Ghost. Here are the 5 finest Ghost skins launched in 2020.

Players can’t get this skin anymore, it became part of the Ignition: Act 1 fight pass. Riot has a history of re-releasing old skins in League of Legends so it’s not out of the concern for this gun to be put into the store at a later date. However, that might take a considerable amount of time.

Lots of Ghost skins are readily available through opens, agreements, or fight pass progression. Not this one, the Prism Ghost skin is offered through store purchases. That makes it an easy one to get, no progression needed. A player might open the store up on day 1 of playing and purchase this weapon (provided it’s readily available in the store). It assists that the weapon doesn’t look regrettable either.

Unfortunately, this skin is not available in the shop rotation. It might be impossible to get this skin beyond the Ignition: Act 3 fight pass. That would be disappointing. For players who already own this skin though, that would increase the worth on this gorgeous green handgun tremendously.

The ability to personalize this skin is what lets it rank so highly. The timeless Ego skin looks great, but for players searching for more spice, there are alternatives to go red, tan, or even pink.

Sovereign describes a ruler, a king, a king or a queen, that is precisely what this skin exudes. The Sovereign and all of its recolors make the user seem like royalty. No skin looks much better, enough said.