The five best supports in League of Legends Patch 11.2 are necessary to know in order to climb the ladder, bring a team, or just have fun. League of Legends is in a fascinating place for assistances following the release of Patch 11.2, the meta is far from settled. With so numerous brand-new items included the previous weeks, there are still gamers experimenting with brand-new mixes and strategies.

The 5 best supports in League of Legends Spot 11.2 are as follows:

Players can not go wrong with Thresh. Ever given that his release years ago there has actually never ever been a meta where Thresh was not a feasible pick. Even when Thresh was not the strong champ, a great Thresh always belonged on any group. That’s where Thresh flourishes, flexibility in any meta.

For players who like to engage fights, sell lane, and bully, Leona is the premiere choice. Her tankiness is unequaled amongst assistances, vanquished potentially just by Braum or Alistar. Matching her with a high damage ADC can lead to huge CS leads in the early game and enable easy snowballing in the mid and late video game.

Anybody who follows Nick “LS” De Cesare understands about his love for Soraka. Being truthful, that love is not unwarranted. Soraka can be played in almost any function, and her capability to sustain and supply assistance for the team is outstanding.

For players looking to play passively and disengage fights Janna is where it’s at. All four of her abilities are built around securing her teammates.

Seraphine is a good flex choice, because she is not a bad mid lane pick. This is crucial during the pick/ban stage when trying to throw off the opponent group. First choice Seraphine and the opponents won’t know if she’s going mid or assistance.