The 5 finest mid laners in League of Legends Patch 11.2 are here. The meta has changed as it typically does and there has been a shift in who are the very best mid laners to use in Spot 11.2. Here is who to choose for optimal and top-tier results depending upon problem.

1. Annie

Depending on your level of play, Annie is a best option for novice mid-laners who wish to have a higher win rate but with a less difficult set of abilities to adjust to.

2. Galio

Galio is also a great choice for those who desire a little bit more of a simpler champ to control, but he’s a little more tough than Annie. Galio has the ability to paralyze enemies and increase their own armor, which is a definite plus versus enemies that have low defenses and sluggish mobility.

3. Fizz

With high movement and abilities that aren’t too difficult to get used to Fizz is an ideal choice for mid laners who desire more speed in their action. Fizz can dash through enemies and deal damage through his Urchin Strike, this speedy trickster is a sure winner in Spot 11.2 in a lot of video games with the right runes and build.

4. Ekko

As one of the harder champs, Ekko is likewise a force to be reckoned with when put in competent hands. Ekko has the ability to decrease opponents and blow them up with grenades in the meantime. These skills might sound easy when described like this, but it is a tough task when under pressure.

5. Viktor

Viktor is another high ability champion that is one to be watched out for when put into the ideal hands. With Gravity Field, he can slow down enemies and after that use his Death Ray to assault them. Aiming these attacks is more difficult than a lot of and they need to be timed appropriately.