Jungler is among the hardest positions to learn in League of Legends. Junglers need to be mindful of what’s occurring around the whole map, and continuously are checking the in game clock for objectives. The jungle is also a really unpredictable position, given that a lot of jungle champions counter each other. Good jungle champions can quickly get rid of camps and gank easily.

With the upcoming patch in mind, here are the five finest junglers in League of Legends Spot 11.3.


Taliyah is getting a lot of attention in professional play today, and for excellent reason. Although her jungle camp clear seems slower than her counterparts, she offsets it in movement. Taliyah’s Rock Surfing (passive) and Weaver’s Wall make it simple to traverse the map. On top of that, capabilities like Seismic Shove (W) and Unraveled Earth (E) make it simple for her to gank challengers who are overextended. The items Taliyah typically builds were practically unblemished too.


Udyr gets nerfed in Spot 11.3 total. However, Slightly less damage on his Phoenix Stance (R) will not stop this champ. Udyr’s jungle clear is still quick in comparison to others thanks to his Bear Position (E) and Tiger Stance (Q). Udyr normally constructs a Dead Male’s Plate as his second product, which does offer less armor now. However, that doesn’t stop Udyr from becoming a tank of a jungler.


Pantheon is sort of a swiss army knife of a champ. He can flex to generally any role except AD Carry. That being said, Pantheon is prospering as a jungler this spot. His Comet Spear is getting revamped so that the cooldown is longer, however the ability will do more damage to monsters and minions. In general, the change won’t affect how fast he can clear camps, and the extra damage will imply he can take objectives much faster. Jungle Pantheon normally takes Goredrinker and Sterak’s Gage, which both receive nerfs this patch. Nevertheless, Pantheon’s capability to gank and impact group battles with his Guard Vault (W) and Grand Starfall (R) can not be ignored.


Karthus was practically untouched by this patch, indicating he continues to be a strong pick as a jungler. His camp clear is remarkably quick thanks to Lay Waste (Q) and Defile (E). His Wall of Pain (W) can assist pull of ganks. In Between Requiem (R) and his Death Defied (passive), Karthus will make his effect known in team fights. In terms of items, Zhonya’s additional 100 gold will not make much of a distinction to Karthus.


Nidalee is another jungler that see’s a lot of attention in expert play. She can rapidly handle jungle camps and move around the map, particularly in her cougar type. She can also easily gank with Bushwack/Pounce (W), and integrate it with Javelin Toss/ Takedown (Q) for a large portion of damage. She does usually develop a Lich Bane and Zhonya’s Hourglass. However, the minor nerfs to these products won’t change how quickly she can collect gold.