The five best junglers in the League of Legends Spot 11.2 are here. The meta for junglers has changed once again for League of Legends with this brand-new spot and here are the top 5 picks for this specific meta.

1. Ivern

Ivern synergizes well with a lot of tanks. This is since his “E” puts a guard around the target and avoids damage for 2 seconds. Upon its expiration, the guard takes off and damages all enemies around it.

2. Olaf

Olaf is a straightforward jungler to play. With a base speed of 350, just Yi is quicker. The ability to gank and move from nest-to-nest is a big benefit in the jungle. He can zoom from one lane to the next, as required, and aid. In a battle, Olaf has a stock of helpful abilities to keep him in for a deceptively extended period. His abilities can be summarized in 2 words: attack speed and healing.

3. Hecarim

One of the much faster characters in the video game, Hecarim turns that into damage output. With capabilities that can put an abrupt hurting upon anybody he ganks, a great strength of Hecarim is the first couple of moments of contact.

4. Skarner

You had much better like it in the jungle, due to the fact that Skarner is greatly dependent upon his supreme and will not be especially beneficial without it. It’s an effective ability to trample an enemy, pull, and immobilize them. This implies particular death for that enemy need to your team take the opportunity,

5. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is a tough character to play, but is beneficial in the right hands. If you enjoy a difficulty and like the jungle, he is a terrific choice. His abilities make him able to isolate opponents and trap them with some powerful attacks.