The 49ers will not be headed back to the Bay Location this season.

Though it was simply expected to be a three-week check out to State Farm Stadium, San Francisco will complete out it’s regular season in Arizona after COVID-19 limitations were extended in Santa Clara County, the team stated on Friday, via ESPN’s Nick Wagoner.

Santa Clara County, where the 49ers are situated simply south of San Francisco, carried out new coronavirus limitations that consisted of a restriction on all contact sports in the county– which is what triggered the group, and several college programs, to leave the county. That ban was extended through a minimum of January 8.

The 49ers hosted both the Buffalo Bills and Washington Football Team in Arizona the previous two weeks, but will take a trip to Dallas to handle the Cowboys on Sunday. They were currently arranged to take on the Cardinals in Arizona on Dec. 26 anyways.

The only change to the schedule will be their final video game of the season, as they will now host the Seattle Seahawks in Arizona rather of at Levi’s Stadium.

It’s unclear how San Francisco would proceed if it were to make the playoffs– though it has actually dropped five of its last six games, which has actually significantly limited its opportunities at reaching the postseason at all.

Among the greatest things that 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was worried about when the relocation was initially announced was the holiday. He wanted to be positive that his players and personnel could see their families.

He stated Friday that they organization is already working to get families down to the Phoenix location, which they will all be evaluated for the coronavirus prior to reuniting with their enjoyed ones.

While the relocate to Arizona was because of coronavirus precaution, the pandemic is really still raving even worse in the Phoenix location than it is in Santa Clara County.

Maricopa County, which holds the higher Phoenix area, is averaging more than 91 brand-new cases a day per 100,000 individuals over the past week compared to just more than 62 in Santa Clara County, according to The New York Times.

Neither state, however, is fairing well as a whole. California and Arizona sit third and fourth, respectively, in brand-new cases per capita since Friday afternoon behind simply Tennessee and Rhode Island.