The other day, only a handful of individuals turned up to work out at Stadium Sultan Suleiman in Klang.– KK SHAM/The Star

STADIUM Sultan Suleiman, Taman Rakyat and Bukit Lipat Kajang which are popular among brisk walkers and joggers in Klang will be closed for disinfection efficient today until Sunday, said Klang Municipal Council (MPK) president Dr Ahmad Fadzli Ahmad Tajuddin.

He added that all three locations would be resumed to the general public on Monday.

Walkers and joggers have been reminded not to enter Stadium Sultan Suleiman, Taman Rakyat and Bukit Lipat Kajang as council workers would decontaminate all typical touchpoints at the three parks. The closure order was enforced under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

The other day, Fadzli and his council group chose that parks and other leisure areas would remain open for workout amid the tightened up Covid-19 limitations that began on Jan 13, after the disinfection works were done.

“Park users need to observe the strict protocol of not remaining in groups of more than 2, and keeping a safe distance of 2 metres in between each other,” he advised.

He said parks and other green areas was very important for both physical and psychological wellness.

For this factor they would stay open, as long as individuals complied with the Covid-19 standard operating procedures.

“Popular parks like Taman Rakyat, Bukit Lipat Kajang and Stadium Sultan Suleiman and area gardens are open to the public for day-to-day exercise.

“If individuals want to keep using the green spaces, it needs to be done safely and with factor to consider for others.

“If a few people fail to follow the SOP, then the council would be entrusted no option however to close the recreational areas,” he added.

On Monday, the Prime Minister announced that Selangor along with 5 other states would be put under the motion control order for 2 weeks up until Jan 26.