Mark: (D) There’s one word to explain Mark Jankowski’s 2019-20 and I’m borrowing this word from Maddie: WOOF. What an abysmal campaign for among the most polarizing players on the Flames roster. Maybe all of those experts who called the Flames crazy for preparing Janko where they did are proper. Jankowski continues to slid further into obscurity with Calgary and his future with the group HAS to remain in doubt. He published a career low 7 points in 2019-20 and it took him 39 games to finally score an objective. He’s an RFA at the end of this season and unless he takes a pay cut OR develops into Wayne Gretzky in the playoffs, I can’t see the Flames bringing him back.

MGMacGillivray: (D) Yeah I think Mark hit the nail on the head for Jankowski. Absolutely absolutely nothing went right for the third year forward as he couldn’t even get on the ice for a Flames objective until well into the season. I still believe Jankowski has his usages especially on the PK, so I would not be opposed to bringing him back next year and hoping he can rebound. If he can even be a 20-30 point person on a decent agreement, then I believe he provides value to the team. Now as a pending RFA the Flames would need to qualify his agreement at $1.675 M to avoid him heading to unrestricted complimentary agency. By no methods would this break the bank, but it would be more than he ‘d get as a totally free agent and with a tight cap, banking an additional 750k on him versus an ELC gamer making the jump could be a tough decision for them to make.

Maddie: (D) I want to 2nd that borrowed woof, folks. There simply wasn’t truly a lot going on for Jankowski this season, to be truly truthful– the scoring wasn’t there, and beyond his xGF% overall, the underlying numbers for shot effects are quite poor as well, so his defensive impacts haven’t completely made up for that lack of offense. And with all that considered, it’s just really tough to come far from this season feeling truly good about what Jankowski brought. Whomp whomp.