100Thieves’ Chet Singh was among the first coaches who saw that Valorant is really harming the CS: GO scene.

Riot Games’ most current fps, Valorant, has actually been slowly crippling the North American CS: GO scene, more and more with every passing day.

Not only has actually Valorant been effectively able to stow away a few of the finest players from Valve’s shooter, however it has actually likewise started to fish for coaches off-late.

With Could9’s JamesIRL signing up with the org’s Valorant team as a coach, there have been some rumors appearing that 100Thieves’ head coach Chet Singh might be next.

According to Jarek “Dekay” Lewis from DBLTAP, “Expert Counter-Strike coach Chet Singh is exploring a move to training expert Valorant, according to multiple sources. It is not expected that he would stay with 100 Burglars must the move occur.”

Chet Singh leaving 100Thieves and the North American CS: GO scene will put the shooter’s future in the region in jeopardy. We don’t feel that CS: GO will ever have the ability to recuperate from this level of exodus anytime soon.

Putting the current MDL match-fixing scandals aside (where NA is simply ruining CS: GO all by themselves), we see that a pail load of professional players along with in-game leaders have actually left CS: GO for Valorant.

100Thieves’ Chet Singh was one of the first coaches who saw that Valorant is really harming the CS: GO scene in NA.

In a tweet made throughout the 10th of May 2020, Chet writes, “Great deals of NA talent going to Valorant, two NA IGLs going to Valorant too is going to injure this scene so much long term. There can be a world where we can see complacency at the top of the NA scene considering that nobody to establish players to challenge them.”

In some of the other competitive esports IPs, League of Legends, Dota 2, and even Overwatch, we get to see older gamers hand down the torch of knowledge and experience to the younger generation.

And now with the older gamers and the in-game leaders leaving the scene, there is a vacuum developed, where the CS: GO professional stage will not have the ability to cultivate trustworthy young skills, as there truly will be nobody left to lead them.

The standard of North American CS: GO will fall significantly, and lead to a lot of ‘complacency’ from the leading groups.