100 Burglars swept Gen.G on Tuesday in both groups’ opening match in Group B at the DreamHack Masters Spring – North America event.

The 2-0 triumph put 100 Thieves level with Cloud9 atop the group at 1-0, with Gen.G signing up with Evil Geniuses at 0-1.

The first map, Train, was a see-saw fight, with 100 Thieves opening a 4-1 lead, Gen.G storming back for an 8-5 edge and 100 Thieves leaping back to a 13-9 benefit. Gen.G then won 5 straight rounds to restore the lead at 14-13, but 100 Thieves took the last three rounds to win the map, 16-14.

On the second map, Overpass, 100 Thieves took control and never ever slow down. They led 11-4 at halftime and cruised to a 16-8 victory to clinch the match.

All five 100 Thieves gamers ended up with a favorable kill-death differential, let by rifler Justin “jks” Savage at plus-13.

The DreamHack Masters Jonkoping, a $250,000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event, initially was scheduled to be contested with 16 teams June 9-14 in Jonkoping, Sweden. However, the coronavirus pandemic required the occasion to transfer to an online format including regional competitors for Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.

The DreamHack Masters Spring – The United States And Canada, which saw Group A play cover Sunday, consists of 8 groups contending for a $100,000 prize swimming pool. The sides were divided into two four-team groups for round-robin play consisting of best-of-three matches.

Both group winners will advance to the upper bracket of the double-elimination playoffs, and the second- and third-place teams from each group will enter the lower bracket of the playoffs. All playoff matches will be best-of-three except for the best-of-five last on June 14.

The DreamHack Masters Spring – Europe bracket, with 16 groups completing for $160,000, started recently and runs through June 14. The four-team tournaments for both Asia and Oceania, each with a $20,000 reward swimming pool, are set up for June 2-7.

In the North American area, FURIA Esports won Group A to advance to the upper-bracket last. Group Liquid and MIBR ended up second and third, respectively, in Group A.

Group B action continues Wednesday with Gen.G fighting Evil Geniuses.

DreamHack Masters Spring – The United States and Canada standings, with win-loss record and point differential: